This site has a slew of random stuff that I write on an irregular basis. Opinions here are ramblings of a mad man and hence does not represent the opinion of my family, country nor employer.

I used to blog on Tehais means Ice Tea (with milk) in Malaysia. The taste is distinctively Malaysian and is my favorite drink. This domain was bought by Sam and me, he shares a space in sam.tehais.

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About Me

taken by Wee liem, September 2010

Me, in bullet point format.

  • I live in Oslo, Norway. Having come from sunny Malaysia, Norway offers white winter, and green winter(summer).
  • I am a restless person. If you work with me, you’d realized I walk around, go for tea and even fall asleep.
  • I enjoy playing squash and basketball. Of late, mountain trekking is becoming something that I like (getting lost is quite fun too, as experience shows)
  • I joined Google SummerofCode in 2005 and 2006. I later continue to work on JotSpot, the 2005 project as an external consultant. JotSpot was later turned into Google Sites after being acquired. Here is an interview of me by JotSpot.
  • I wrote my first book when I was 21, “Teaching and Learning of Science using the Internet“.
  • I graduated with a Masters of Science from KTH and another Masters of Security and Mobile Computing from NTNU. I received my bachelor Degree in IT Data Communications from MMU.
  • My human language is Malay, English, Chinese, Cantonese, Hokkien and smattering of Thai and Norwegian. Nå, jeg lærer Norsk
  • My machine language is Java (and only that), though my first language was Basic/QBasic. I dabble in CSS, JavaScript and SVG, sometimes.
  • My family name is Cheah, my given name is Zi Bin. My chinese name is 谢子斌. My virtual name is SexyHunk82(no, not really)