Hokkien Songs – the Malaysian Style


Among Chinese Malaysian artists, I would say I remember the works of Freddie Wong (黃一飛) the most. Remembering his music in the sense that when I fall in love with his songs, I will always remember them – the melody, the style of his lyrics. Other than his interesting Hokkien-style of songwriting, his Hokkien songs allowed him to stand out from the crowd Continue reading “Hokkien Songs – the Malaysian Style”

Eric Kwok 港式流行曲

香港作曲人郭偉亮 (Eric Kwok) 相信不需要介紹了,他的音樂作品佔據了香港流行音樂半壁江山,好像好多流行歌手都唱過他的歌。

這張 Made in Hong Kong 的作品集實在聽得舒服,從頭到尾都只有廣東歌,第四張CD更有 Eric Kwok 作曲時的 demo 。讓我驚訝的是 Continue reading “Eric Kwok 港式流行曲”

Back to Priscilla

Universal HK - Back to Priscilla

Photograph: http://www.umg.com.hk/album/3291/detail

To shrug off negativity that has been around me since the second half of 2015 – other than keeping myself occupied with heavy workload – I am also seeking refuge in Cantonese songs.

Into the second half of the year I happened to buy a compilation CD of Priscilla Chan, a veteran female singer who shot to fame in 1980s.
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Alienoid 2013 Cantonese Album - Revival


聽著異種樂隊最新廣東大碟《故態復萌》,沉入廣東搖滾音樂中,我以爲我回到了 Beyond 的年代,那個喜怒哀樂都有廣東搖滾爲我發聲的年代…
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