Where should freelancers work?

Source: decoist.com

The first answer to the question is that freelancers usually work from home. And that is how most of us first started our freelance business. Working from home can be the best option, if your home is quiet enough for you to focus on your work. Otherwise, as time goes by, we might find ourselves in need of looking at other options.

Option number 1 – cafes. There are numerous cafes out there with stable WiFi. While having your cup of coffee or tea, you can also enjoy a snack or two to keep yourself energetic before lunch or dinner. Most cafes don’t actually limit the number of hours of you occupying their table, but the problem is you can’t work too long. The maximum I could go was 2 p.m. to 7 p.m. at a cafe where I think going to the loo is safe enough and my laptop has very low risk of being stolen. And mind you, hopping from cafe to cafe from Mondays through Fridays is very tiring.

Option number 2 – co-working space. Workspaces are mushrooming everywhere. As freelancing culture thrives in Asian cities, workspaces are registering more and more members in Hong Kong, Singapore, Taipei and Kuala Lumpur. Workspace is an office space where freelancers work alongside each other, with expenses on utilities being taken care of by the service provider. 24/7 workspaces are quite popular in Hong Kong, and on the mainland as well. Workspaces elsewhere usually open to members from Mondays through Fridays during normal business hours. While it is good to network with fellow freelancers, sometimes it can get slightly noisy when many people are talking.

Option number 3 – have your own office. When your business is expanding and needs several colleagues to work together in the long run, this could be the option. This is the office space for you and your team members to fully focus on your work, but you have to take care of full rental and utilities. But the good news is, a glut of office and shoplot spaces has been pressing down rental prices in many cities. Try and look around.

As your business grows and needs to work with fellow professionals, sooner or later you would still want to look for a better working place, unless your house or apartment is spacious and comfortable enough to accommodate your co-workers.

Have a great weekend, mates.