Three enablers for freelancers

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No office politics, no frustrating daily commutes. Have our own desk and do things our own way. This is how freelancers work. To run a successful freelance business, we must have three enablers.

Enabler number one – the Internet. With high speed broadband or WiFi you can answer to your clients pretty quickly, download their files without wasting time, and make your searches of information much easier. A smooth and stable Internet service provides you good access to online banking and payment gateways to pay and receive money. And you can always look for new projects online.

Enabler number two – self-discipline. Nobody is looking to get you clock in at office on time. Nobody is going to pay you automatically at the end of every month. No auto pay cheques means that your slackness at work will never be rewarded anymore. As a freelancer, you have to pull your socks up to make sure you keep track with your projects and do not miss your clients’ deadlines.

Enabler number three – perseverance. Good or bad times do not last forever. Work hard when you have many ongoing projects. When the business is slow, open up more sources and learn something new so that you expose yourself to more potential projects and clients.

Make sure your three enablers are always sound so that you can run your freelance business smoothly. Happy freelancing and have a good weekend.