It has been several weeks since I bought this ASUS A555L model, a 15-inch laptop. Its wide screen is definitely a plus for my translation and writing work, as I need to type a lot everyday. And a wide screen allows me to zoom larger words and read on-screen more comfortably.

Another strong point is its brightness adjustment. From extremely dark to extremely bright, I think it offers wider contrast.
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Sports Commentary

Source: The Guardian

馬來西亞英文電臺 Business FM (89.9) 有個 VoiceBox 節目介紹聲音有關的故事。

靠聲音吃飯的人物,主持人 Ezra Zaid 常常找他們聊天,二月中邀請了大馬體育評述員 Ross Yusof。大學時代至今,我很久也沒看足球直播了,但是 Ross Yusof 每逢週一週五晚上七點五分在 BFM 電臺跟幾個朋友講足球,晚上開車的時候我也常常收聽。聽說很多美國司機也是靠收音機的體育評述追蹤 NBA 籃球賽,大概是這個感覺吧。
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Hong Kong Literary – Sept 2015

Hong Kong Literary - Sept 2015

Literature is part of Hong Kong’s pop culture. What’s interesting about Hong Kong literature is that it is so fascinatingly cosmopolitan, and the quick pace of Hong Kong lifestyle is often felt in its works. And I guess it stands out from other Chinese writing genres in the sense that it presents a perfect blend of Cantonese-ness and English-ness.
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