Loud and Clear

JVC HA-F10C Headphone

It has been years that I have been looking for a loud and clear headphones. A pair of headphones which provides well-balanced and clear-cut sound.

As a bandsound fan, when I listen to any modern song, my listening sense would break the song down to several layers of sound, namely lead vocal and back vocal, lead guitar and rhythm guitar, bass, and drums.

Never once did I come across a pair of headphones which gives me clear vocals. Headphones – I have used up to a dozen of them since university days – usually provide clear music but not-too-clear vocals.

When I work on Cantonese / Mandarin to English transcription projects, normal headphones tend to give me vague conversation voice. But now, not anymore – all thanks to this pair of JVC HA-F10C headphones.

Not only it allows me to listen to clear conversation / speech records – which makes my transcription work much easier – this pair of headphones too gives me clear vocals of good vocalists. Among others, late Wong Ka Kui of Beyond, Dolores O’Riordan of The Cranberries, and Ryuichi Kawamura of Luna Sea.

With this pair of headphones, I felt as if my favourite vocalists were singing in front of me.

JVC HA-F10C headphones would be good for you if you enjoy listening to live version. Give it a try, mate.

I For You – Ryuichi Kawamura (Luna Sea)

Loud and Clear – Dolores O’Riordan (The Cranberries)

Grey Track – Wong Ka Kui (Beyond)

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