One Litre of Tears

One Litre of Tears

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Those whose time is limited wanted to live on a bit longer,
those taking time for granted wanted to end their lives.

Those struggling with their health defied adversity;
Those of good health wasted it by dwelling into negativity.

This is what I thought after watching One Litre of Tears (1リットルの涙) – a drama adopted from a true story of a Japanese girl who died young due to Spinocerebellar ataxia (SCA).

The main character Aya was a girl attending first year at senior high school. With her frequent falls and incapability of controlling her body movement, she was diagnosed with SCA.

It is a disease caused by the degeneration of cerebellum of the human brain. In a gradual manner the patient would lose the abilities to walk and run steadily, respond and speak promptly and clearly, eat and swallow food without suffocation. The list goes on.

The doctor in the drama repeatedly assured that latest research is trying to tackle this disease. To date, however, it seems that this cruel disease is still incurable.

Another character Asou was a high school boy role created purposely for the drama. Asou was the figure supporting Aya to continue her fight to overcome physical limitation and live on a bit longer. It was said that the real Aya’s mother requested the TV drama production team to add on a sense of falling in love for Aya’s role in the drama.

Despite her deteriorating health, Aya tried very hard to do things on her own. She eventually lost the ability to walk herself to the washroom. Writing a diary was all she could do on her sickbed. And her pieces were published and won the hearts of many readers.

For me, this touching story talks about survival. For those who are leading a self-defeating attitude in life, or those who wish to commit suicide, it is best for them to watch this Japanese TV drama and reflect on their negative thoughts.