The Tale of Two Cities

Breakazine - The Tale of Two Cities

Source: Breakazine

Outsiders have always seen Hong Kong and Macao as twin cities. Former colonies of Britain and Portugal respectively, both returned to Chinese rule before the turn of the millennium.

Most residents in both cities speak Cantonese, and when they come together and talk to you at the same time, it is perhaps hard to tell which city they originally came from.

I learnt from my Macao friends that Macao students actually study Hong Kong textbooks during their school years, and they can opt to sit for Hong Kong Certificate of Education, or National Higher Education Entrance Examination in mainland.

Speaking of which, I wonder how they actually handle history subject – which professes different points of view in mainland and special administration regions, due to differences in ideologies.

Macao is so tiny in that its market is too small to accommodate even its own artists. One of the most successful Macao artists in Hong Kong is perhaps Alex Fong. The latest star singer that won some attention is Vivian Chan, whose song Self-Salvation and covering of Fairy Tales of Time are my favourite.

This issue of Breakazine depicted how usually-calm Macao residents protested a bill drafted to rise compensation for outgoing officials. Other stories included how the economy grew overwhelmingly dependent on gaming industry, and the ever-expanding property bubble.

Except the social problems created by gaming industry, the problems faced by Hong Kong and Macao as depicted in the issue are perhaps worth studying by other cities in the world – particularly those which crave for massive influx of tourists.