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To shrug off negativity that has been around me since the second half of 2015 – other than keeping myself occupied with heavy workload – I am also seeking refuge in Cantonese songs.

Into the second half of the year I happened to buy a compilation CD of Priscilla Chan, a veteran female singer who shot to fame in 1980s.

In the past Faye Wong’s as-if-hallucination songs had been my favourite. Nowadays – or I should admit – as a 30-something guy, I tend to like more-down-to-earth style of music and voice. And Priscilla Chan’s voice meets such criteria.

My Macao trip this time around was too busy as I was helping out at my buddy’s wedding ceremony. So the trip ended without visiting bookstores and CD stores. To complement the missing part, the next day I returned from Macao I went to a CD store and bought Priscilla Chan’s live concert CD.

Initially I thought the guzheng part of the song Fading Promise (逝去的諾言) would be presented in the concert as well. Ended up the whole song was recomposed, and erhu and flute took the lead.

The song Snowfall (飄雪) – which started with fans’ sing-along – is certainly a typical hearty moment of Hong Kong concerts.

Another favourite song of mine Embracing Tears (與淚抱擁) was incorporated into the opening medley of the concert. Better than nothing though.

As I am writing this piece I am listening to her songs repeatedly. Negativity has been around since the second half of the year. If hiding in the world of Cantonese songs can never seek refuge for me, I am afraid I would buy another air ticket and fly away. And I am afraid quite a number of friends around me would think and plan and do the same.

Thank you Priscilla. I promise you I will still stick to your songs when I walk out of the dark clouds.