Happy 2013 像他這般天天都快樂

Taichung Bus Driver Wu Min-tsung

Photograph: 吳旻璁 Facebook Page

又迎接新的一年,又聽見一聲聲新年快樂。其實何謂快樂?是發自內心的快樂,還是建築在外在因素的快樂 (抑或更可悲一點,簡直 built on sand)?這些都是見仁見智的問題,永遠都沒有標準答案,我祇是希望像臺中市86號公車司機吳旻璁大哥一樣快樂。在上個月,吳旻璁開車的短片被上載到 Youtube 網站,讓他一夕爆紅,目前點閱率超過三百萬人次,甚至還有忠實粉絲將他的聲音剪接成 remix 曲子,實在過癮。吳旻璁每天開86號公車,一邊搞笑一邊用八國語言跟搭客介紹站名,還介紹臺中美食,如此積極的服務態度實在太讓人敬佩了。



Happy 2013 啦各位。

Welcoming new year again. Listening to waves of happy new year wishes again. Wait a minute. What on earth does happiness mean? Do you feel happy from the bottom of your heart? Or your happiness is built on external factors (or worse still, built on sand)? Last month, the video clip of a public bus driver in Taichung Wu Min-tsung was uploaded on Youtube. To date, the clip has over three million views, and Wu is now a popular driver in Taichung. Guess what? A big fan even remixed Wu’s sound into another short music clip. Isn’t that fun? When he is driving the No. 86 bus everyday, he keeps on joking and introduces different stops in eight languages. And he even introduces Taichung cuisine along the route. His enthusiastic work attitude certainly worth our respect.

With the Best Driver in Taichung Award under his belt, Wu has also won the recognition of Taichung Mayor Hu Chih-chiang who awarded him excellent service certificate. From what Wu has demonstrated, happiness can indeed be really simple—just as long as you love your job, bring laughter to people around you, you will be really happy.

I am really envious of Wu’s simple happiness, and his level of happiness should be our benchmark.

Happy 2013 dudes.