Alcohol Banned for Me 從此禁酒

Photograph: Studio247

My important and immediate announcement at the end of Chinese New Year is that ALCOHOL IS BANNED FOR ME. I have had some bad experiences for many years that after I downed some alcohol, no matter how little portion it is, headache and insomnia come to haunt my soul. And staying up until the dawn and severe headache/ migraine are the scenarios I have to bear alone after my drinking with friends.

I know some friends would ridicule:“Come on, you aren’t drinking enough that’s why you have headache and can’t sleep. Drink more bro! Aren’t writers known for drinking??”

Well, I beg to differ. I am no Li Bai—the prominent Chinese poet of Tang dynasty. When he was drunk, he wrote masterpieces which have stood the test of time line for more than one thousand years. That’s certainly not my style. Imitating that will lead me to forever-sleep-deprivation syndrome.

And the ban takes effect immediately.





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