Stop Lynas, Save Malaysia!


To Lynas Australia,

When the people expel you, pack your radioactive and go back to the home of yours.
When the people hate you, look into the mirror and evaluate the guilty heart of yours.


Apabila rakyat menghalau kamu, bungkuskan radioaktif dan balik rumah kamu.
Apabila rakyat benci kamu, tengok cermin dan menilai hati yang berdosa kamu.

P/S: Dear Malaysian Government, please save our beautiful land, and do not let our Motherland cry.

Weird Dream of Korean Peninsula 朝鮮半島怪夢

I have had a weird dream last night. And I wonder if my recent reading of another book on North Korea has something to do with my weird dream of the pathetic state.

I was a South Korean in the dream. Thanks to the Sunshine Policy advocated by President Kim Dae-jung, I was selected to join the Inter-Korean summit and see my aunt in Pyongyang, 200 kilometres north of Seoul. Continue reading “Weird Dream of Korean Peninsula 朝鮮半島怪夢”

Alcohol Banned for Me 從此禁酒

Photograph: Studio247

My important and immediate announcement at the end of Chinese New Year is that ALCOHOL IS BANNED FOR ME. I have had some bad experiences for many years that after I downed some alcohol, no matter how little portion it is, headache and insomnia come to haunt my soul. And staying up until the dawn and severe headache/ migraine are the scenarios I have to bear alone after my drinking with friends.
Continue reading “Alcohol Banned for Me 從此禁酒”