Merry Christmas with 守護天使

守護天使 – 黃家強 (featuring盧巧音)
曲:黃家強 (Beyond)

天使 在妳 背後那樣模糊
天使 是我 妳或會未在乎
能夠爲妳守護 置自己於不顧
全意爲妳守護 那是我天賦

天使 爲妳 妳沒責任動情
天使 是我 背負昨日罪名
誰叫上帝公平 要做偉大事情
才會讓我光明 處罰我曾經



戀戀地 天使般守護妳

天使 在妳 背後那樣模糊

天使 是我 妳或會未在乎

歌詞翻譯 (Translation of Chinese Lyrics)

Your Angel – Wong Ka Keung (featuring Candy Lo)
Music: Wong Ka Keung (Beyond)
Lyrics: Albert Leung
Composed by: Gary Tong

The angel standing behind you is so vague
The angel I am, and perhaps you just wouldn’t care
Caring for you without sparing a thought for myself
Caring for you wholeheartedly, and that’s my talent

The angel cares for you, and you have no obligation to be moved
The angel I am, bearing yesterday’s accusation
God is fair; when I do something great only will He let me shine
Punishing me for never had been great at all

(Perhaps this angel isn’t good enough)
Standing by your side all the time
(Perhaps you haven’t noticed the road has passed)
Just as long as the sky doesn’t grow old
(I just wanna be good with you until we grow old and die)
Even if I suffer I still wish you’ll be better off than I do
(But you won’t notice my symbol, forever)

Let me take the worst and keep the best for you
When the sky collapses I’ll be alert for you
Keep the brightness for you and let me bear the darkness
Even if you don’t wanna see me suffer for you

Lovingly protecting you like an angel

The angel standing behind you is so vague

The angel I am; perhaps you just wouldn’t care

Youtube Links:
Faye Wong 1997 Help Yourself Album Version:

Faye Wong 2011 Hong Kong Live Concert Version:

Wong Ka Keung 2002 Be Right Back Album Version:

這是Beyond貝斯手黃家強爲王菲寫的一首歌,收錄在王菲的1997年廣東EP《自便》裡頭。在2002年,黃家強發表第一張個人廣東大碟《Be Right Back》,邀請了好友盧巧音一起演繹這首好歌的重編版本。




Music Notes
This is a song which Beyond bassist Wong Ka Keung wrote for Faye Wong’s Help Yourself Cantonese album in 1997. In 2002, Wong Ka Keung published his very first solo album – Be Right Back, and invited his good friend Candy Lo to feature in the re-composed version of this great song.

Faye Wong’s version in 1997 and her Hong Kong live concert version in 2011 clearly exhibited her psychedelic singing style. And Wong Ka Keung’s version, on the other hand, truly showed what he has been good at throughout his music career spanning a quarter of century – infusing soft rock elements in pop music.

In conclusion, this is a very refreshing song which is rarely seen in the music industry.

Merry Christmas.

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