English Translation of 空襲警報 Air Raid Siren (伍佰&China Blue)

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伍佰&CHINA BLUE 空襲警報 Air Raid Siren

Air Raid Siren (Lyrics and music written by WuBai)

歌詞翻譯 (Translation of Chinese Lyrics)
The air raid siren~

My grandpa fell to the foothill during the air attack
My grandma’s pig farm was burnt up
My dad’s sugar factory was swept with bullets and full of bullet holes
The farmers ran to hide under the trees
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成功人士 The Successful People

A tribute to George Carlin
The American Dream

Photograph: http://www.hjo3.net/orly/gallery1.htm

他透過 電視廣告 跟你宣傳
家住洋房 以名貴轎車代步
上至西裝外套 下至內衣褲 盡皆名牌
這就叫做 有生活品味
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