My Remembrance of Taichung

This is, yet another sleepless night. Passed into deep slumber after dinner at 21:00 hours just now, went to washroom at 23:30, and then, as expected, I failed to continue sleeping. I very much wanted to carry on reading Anthony Seldon’s Blair Unbound, a very interesting book which gives insight into Blair’s premiership from 911 until the day he left office. But I thought of listening to Luna Sea’s Final Act concert dvd and checking emails, so I left my favourite book aside.

After some sort of random surfing, I happened to find my old translation piece in Taiwan. When I was in Taiwan I happened to collaborate with this bilingual magazine, aptly named as “Compass”, which tells all the fun and interesting places in Taichung.
Wow, Taichung….it was how many years ago since I last visited Taichung? I can still recall my remembrance of visiting a friend in Taichung once every year in July to celebrate our birthdays together. July was definitely the most affectionate month for me during the university years when I was still visiting Taichung.

Both of us might had been to this restaurant which is introduced in this old translation piece of mine, or at least we had been to Yingcai Road(英才路)I guess. When I was in Taichung, I felt like I had a perfect distance with Taichung—not too close, not too faraway; not too familiar, not too strange….even until today, when I no longer visit Taichung, just a glance of the word ‘Taichung City’, or a road name in Taichung, could well remind me of the good time I had had there.

In memory of Taichung, I would like to quote this old translation piece of mine.

Indian, Thai and other multinational delights at
IN Restaurant

By Douglas Habecker Translated by Yeow Boon-Kiat

532, YingCai Rd, 28F (Hotel One); (04) 2303-1234
Hours: buffet breakfast 7-10 am (to 10:30 holidays), lunch 11 am-2:30 pm, dinner 5:30-10 pm
Credit cards accepted. 10% service charge. Parking lot.

IN Restaurant can be counted among a newer breed of dining establishment that elude any clear-cut label. Although listed in this magazine with Indian restaurants, its menu quickly reveals that dishes also include Chinese, Thai, Burmese, Italian, Japanese and other influences. To use an overused word, IN is a “fusion” restaurant of sorts.

Despite lacking a neat category for its cuisine, what is unambiguous among diners is the high-end quality of IN’s food, not to mention a great ambiance that includes good views of the city from 28 floors up. Since opening with Hotel ONE a little over a year ago, the restaurant has done well, offering access to five-star food and facilities for surprisingly reasonable prices.

Starting in December, diners will get even better value, thanks to the launch of a semi-buffet lunch and dinner menu, costing only NT$600 and NT$900, respectively. For the unfamiliar, “semi-buffet” means that a main course (from six choices) comes with an excellent buffet of fresh fruit, salad, international cold platters, soups, desserts, carved turkey (at dinner) and a “Dan Dan Mian Station” serving Tainan-style “danzai” noodles.

For lunch, Senior Sous Chef Eric Lee highlights the Pork Knuckle Vindaloo, featuring stronger, spicier southern Indian flavors that come from stewing with 10 spices and tomatoes. This is served with long Indian rice, and a bowl of refreshing, sweet potato cubes covered in yogurt. For more of an Indonesia flavor, there’s the Steamed Sea Bass with Salted Mustard Green and Bamboo Shoot. The steamed fish is prepared with sea salt and served with “abalone” mushrooms, an XO sauce, pickled bamboo shoots and a cylindrical tower of saffron-infused fried rice.

For dinner another great option noted by Lee is the Beef Massaman Curry, prepared with two different cuts of chewy, tender beef, cooked in a sweeter, less-spicy, peanut-flavored Massaman paste. It’s served with Indian Nan bread or rice and the yogurt sweet potatoes. Other dinner main entrees include Seared Duck Breast with Pumpkin Puree and Tamarind Sauce, and Roasted Pork Rib with Apple BBQ.

Lee–whose kitchen team includes two Indian chefs–stresses IN’s flexibility as it also offers set meals, a la carte orders and a wide variety of traditional and fusion cuisine. The common factor is an emphasis on healthy, balanced fare made with fresh ingredients and less oil.

For now, the tasty new semi-buffet will be offered through December, with the restaurant taking a wait-and-see approach about any possible continuation into the new year. Which makes it all the more important to stop by IN Restaurant this month for a try.



何道明/報導 姚文傑/譯

英才路532號28樓(台中亞緻大飯店); (04) 2303-1234
營業時間:自助早餐 7-10 am (to 10:30 holidays), 午餐 11 am-2:30 pm, 晚餐 5:30-10 pm



從十二月起,IN將爲愛好美食的朋友,提供超值半自助式午餐和晚餐;分別只要600元和900元。半自助式是由六種佳餚組成的主菜—鮮果、沙拉、國際冷盤、湯、點心、火雞切肉(僅晚餐),也有 麵攤位供應台南 仔麵。這樣解釋半自助式,大概很容易明白。


至於晚餐方面,李主廚則推薦瑪沙曼牛肉咖哩 。瑪沙曼牛肉咖哩包括:兩片柔軟有彈性的牛肉,以及比較甜、比較不辣,帶有花生口味的瑪沙曼醬。印度烤餅或白飯,以及酸乳酪馬鈴薯塊,都隨瑪沙曼牛肉咖哩附上。其他晚餐主菜還包括:泰式鴨胸佐酸子醬、香蘋豬肋排。