如真如假 如可分身飾演自己
譚詠麟 – 一生中最愛

I want to leave this country as soon as possible and start my life all over again in a place which nobody knows me. The more I am to face the pretence of the people around me, the more likely I will be disappointed in human instinct. I have been suffering so much for being able to see through human nature. Human beings are basically pretentious, and I am no exception.

Ironically, I myself who act as pretentious as the others do, still irritate the pretentious human nature pretty much. Do I have the right to justify my own pretense by saying that I am not as pretentious as the others? Or I can justify my own pretense by saying that I am forced to do so, or my being pretentious is for other people’s sake?

If I wish to leave any countries or communities which I have lived in so far to ignore pretentious people and anticipate meeting truly genuine people elsewhere, I will then surely be disappointed by the very fact that I will still meet pretentious people no matter where I go, unless I am ready to be segregated from the mass which I allegedly claim as pretentious.

2 thoughts on “Pretentious”

  1. I think sifting through pretentious people just to find one genuine person is worth it. I think that’s what makes good friends so special.

    I know how you feel about leaving the country. You should. It will give good perspective.

  2. well, maybe you are too pessimistic.

    You can “choose” to look on the bright side of humanity… more. 😛

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